32nd Annual Pawnee Bill Memorial Rodeo


On August 2017, Barry Sanders Supercenter was honored to sponsor the 32nd Annual Pawnee Bill Memorial Rodeo in Stillwater's neighbor town of Pawnee, Oklahoma.

The rodeo was a smashing success, and that's not just because we had some of our finest RAM trucks there, either.

The three-day event was packed full of excitement because of the excellent talent there to compete. From bucking broncos and striking rodeo Royalty, to the rambunctious bulls the riders had to hold on to for 8 seconds, there was always something to be enamored by at the Pawnee Bill Memorial Rodeo… But that's a fact we were counting on before we left Stillwater.

In addition to the great athletes and livestock, our group from Stillwater got to witness great American patriotism in the flesh and celebrate it. The rodeo took the time to honor two military veterans with special ties to the town of Pawnee and the rodeo itself. One of those gentlemen was 100 years young. It was a special part of the event; one that made us even more proud to play a part in putting it on.

Though we had to take a bit of a road trip to get there, the Pawnee Bill Memorial Rodeo was well worth it, and we look forward to making the trip again next year.