Android Auto in Stillwater, Oklahoma

Android Auto in Hyundai Vehicles

The amazing Android Auto system makes interfacing with your vehicle easier than ever. And placing it onto your vehicle is easy as well, especially if you drive a Hyundai vehicle.

The Android Auto system is defined by an interactive and intuitive interface that blends technology into every aspect of your car. Your voice is the catalyst for the system, which has various voice actions to carry out commands.

But how do you gain access to this incredible technology? 

You will need a few necessary items:

  1. First and foremost, you need a New Hyundai vehicle to integrate the Android Auto system with.
  2. The second item you will need is an Android device with a 5.0 operating system or higher for the technology to work.
  3. Third, you'll go online and download the Android Auto plan. Place the data onto a flash drive, and insert the drive into your car. 

With that, your Hyundai will officially be equipped with the most integrated system around: Android Auto!

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