Barry Sanders Supercenter Hosted The Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Learned Car Tips.

On Friday, July 13, Barry Sanders Supercenter hosted the Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma for a badge program. We actually had Boy Scouts show up, as well to learn alongside the ladies.

The Scouts went through three stations to achieve badges including a section about general car maintenance, how to check and change a tire, and a discussion about how economic vehicles help the environment.

General maintenance included replacing batteries, radiator caps, fluids, how to tell if a fuse has gone bad and how to replace fuse boxes, how to check tension belt conditions, and how to jump start a vehicle. These lessons are on our Facebook page through a live video so stop by our social media if you need to teach your kids these lessons, too!

The next Girl Scouts event is being held in Lawton on Friday, August 10 at Lawton Kia from 3-6 pm. We hope you can bring your Girl or Boy Scouts out to learn some strong automotive care tips!